Tent Makers Union
 exists because
Ministry is NOT a job for professionals.

 Ministry is best done where it is needed, as it is needed, by whoever happens to recognize the need.

You were created by God for a series of specific, unique missions. There isn’t any question about your purpose. You are a missionary. The question is… are you ON your mission?

You have everything you need to minister to people who need to know that God loves them. The specifics will vary, but your mission will always be to share God’s love with others.

Tent Makers Union is a community of missional people like you. We want to encourage and support you in your ministry mission.

We want to help you become a stronger, more powerful influence.

We believe that the Lord’s prayer (Your will be done, your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.) is not a mantra or request. It’s a commitment. It’s a statement of intent.

We are committed to do God’s will. We are committed to bring God’s Kingdom to earth through our love and loyalty.

We’re looking for likeminded, committed Christians who are ready to live ON mission.

We are, by every legal and logical definition, a church. Yet we differ from almost all other churches in very significant ways. These ten “commandments” define and direct what makes us powerfully different…
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1 - The institution (Legal entity, structure, assets, & organization of TMU) exists in all ways and at all times to benefit:

1, TMU members

2, TMU community

3, the public in general

The members, community, and the public should never, at any time or under any circumstances promote, protect, or show preference to the institution over the people we are called to love.

This means that all decisions must benefit people initially, and in any conceivable eventuality. No decision should ever presume upon an expected or favorable future. (No debt, ever. No leases or structured payments that require commitment beyond forfeiture of the beneficial service or asset.)

Beyond reasonable savings, funds should not be hoarded when financial needs exist. 

Any expense must be justifiable by its benefit to members first, the general public second. Every time we collect money, receive assets, or request people to invest time and effort we must take prayerful responsibility for that resource. Any time we spend money; use or release an asset; or encourage people to apply their time, effort, or personal resources to a purpose we must take prayerful responsibility for that effort.    

No one should ever risk personal assets or income for the security or betterment of the institution. 

The church will continue to exist with or without the institution. The institution has no value whatsoever without the people it was formed to serve. 

2 - We base EVERYTHING on the Great Commandment as defined in Leviticus 19:18; Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Mathew 22:35-40; Mark 12:23-27; Luke 10:25-28; John 13:31-35...

This means that every choice should always be measured against how we love God in four distinct ways: emotionally, mentally, physically, and relationally.

It means we must first love God in those four powerfully distinct ways before we are fully capable of loving ourselves. And we must love ourselves in light of God’s love for us before we are fully capable of loving others as God loves us.

All of life is the pursuit of a deeper understanding and practice of loving God, ourselves, and others.

All other scripture and guidance of any kind must be considered and interpreted with the inherent bias that these priorities create.

3 - We do not create or orchestrate ‘services’.

This means we do not regularly meet in a specific building at a specific time for the repetition of specific rituals.

We do gather in whole or in part to love God together and love one another.

These gatherings will vary from well-organized and meticulously structured to impromptu and spontaneous, but will always happen for the expression of love for God and each other.

4 - We don’t separate the ‘ordained’ (those recognized and prepared for God’s mission) from ‘laity’ (everyone else).

We see every human being as having a God-given calling and purpose. We want everyone to be confident and capable of pursuing and achieving that calling. Separating some who are called from others based on education or the specifics of their calling runs counter to the value of each member of the body of Christ. This is why we ordain every member for ministry. 

5 - We ordain every member for ministry.

We expect our members to grow and develop their relationship with God and their mission in life. We do very little to restrict or regulate the God-given purpose of our members, and very much to clarify and empower that purpose.

6 - We equip all members for their unique, God-given mission.

Through our extensive research and application of the Great Commandment, we give our members the ability to connect, empower, create, and expand relationally, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

In turn, they develop relational and economic influence they can use to share the love of God in tangible ways, over and over.

TMU Membership transforms 'who you are' into 'who God created you to be.'

Members will experience sweeping transformation in their confidence, relationships, capability, creativity, focus, capacity. and most of all their faith. 

7 - While any and all may gather with us at any time, membership is by invitation only.

This is, by far, the most structured thing we do. We have a serious commitment to our members' growth in love for God and people.

We do not want that commitment diluted by disinterest or any alternate itinerary of uncommitted or double-minded people. People join churches for many reasons. Most join to grow closer to God and support others in the community to do the same. Some join to perpetuate their social, political, and commercial agendas. We work hard to ensure that all members are a spiritual benefit to all other members.

Anyone can ask to be considered for membership.

Everyone who is denied membership will be offered reasoning for such a decision and provided mentorship, as it is available, to become prepared for membership.

8 - We don’t require or expect tithes.

We set a high barrier to entry, to separate those who are serious about their own personal growth from those who are not. This ensures every member that the community here is committed and serious about their faith. Commitment encourages commitment, stagnation encourages stagnation. Choose to surround yourself with committed believers and you'll benefit for eternity.

We set a fixed monthly membership rate for membership. Our leaders chip in a bit more. We take in only what we need to function efficiently as an organization dedicated to equipping missionaries like you for their mission.

Members receive what they need to pursue their own God-given mission. Optionally, this includes ongoing mentoring, encouragement, and support from our ordained mentors and ministers.

This fixed membership commitment is asked of each spouse, and any adult members of a household who wish to be TMU members. Scholarship funds and financial development mentoring are available for anyone who can't afford membership. 

While we may, on occasion, take up offerings for the benefit of specific individuals or specific circumstantial needs, members are generally encouraged to use the remainder of the money they feel compelled to give to do good through other organizations, or to benefit individuals as God leads.

9 - We always emphasize empowerment over restriction.

God is not scarce. Scarcity is not Godly. Abundance is empowering. God’s Kingdom is absolutely abundant.

To bring God’s Kingdom to earth, you must grow your faith. You must develop and share synergy. You must become interdependent. You must grow your creativity.

This community is dedicated to helping you develop your relationship with God and your capacity for influencing others without structuring, policing, or regulating your calling.

10 - We always emphasize grace over judgement.

In all situations, we develop ourselves to be people known for grace.

To do so, we must start with the acknowledgement that we will regularly fail. We will fail to be graceful with ourselves and with others, over and over. We must be willing to take God’s grace over and over as we do.

Only through the constant flow of God’s grace to us, will we come to be people who overflow with godly grace as we encourage and support those around us.
The BEST introduction to TMU is through our INTENSE 7-Day Faith Transformation Challenge.
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